The Jewish Outreach Institute has created numerous programs and events designed to lower barriers and help everyone in the Jewish community feel welcome and included. Whether you are a mom of another religious background raising Jewish kids, a Jewish grandparent with interfaith grandchildren, or a Jew-by-choice, we have a program for you! We invite you to click on the images below and explore all we have to offer.

Big Tent Judaism Directory of Welcoming Organizations:

JOI is the managing partner of the Big Tent Judaism Coalition, a movement of Jewish communal institutions who have agreed to inclusive and welcoming principles. Click Here to find an institution near you!

Local Programs for Interfaith Couples & Families:

We also host a database of local community programs for interfaith couples & families across North America. Click Here to find a program close to you!

JOI Original Programs:

When we identify needs not already being met by the Jewish community, JOI creates original programming. Learn more by clicking one of the logos below.

Free resources, education and events for women of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children.

(Program listings do not imply a specific endorsement by JOI of any given program or institution. JOI updates program listings on an ongoing basis, so please contact your local organization for the most up-to-date information. If you visit any of these programs in your community, we welcome your comments about them.)