Participant Testimonials

“Participating in the Grandparents Circle has made me determined to develop a better relationship with my non-Jewish daughter-in-law so she is comfortable discussing Jewish choices.”    - Marge, course participant



“I commend you for bringing this program to Atlanta. It’s been wonderfully helpful to meet others with similar issues and to help develop coping skills. I’ve also learned ways to share Judaism without appearing to challenge my child’s decision to raise her kids as Christians. Thank you for this opportunity.”    - Anonymous, Mid-Session Needs Assessment


interested grandchildren learning on grandaparents lap“Grandparents Circle really raised my awareness of how I can expose my grandchildren to Jewish culture and beliefs. [Since the course], I am more aware of displaying and explaining Jewish objects in our home. I’ve bought more kids books and music, and have taken my oldest grandchild to events at the [local Jewish center]. I am very grateful to have happened upon this program. It’s had a positive influence on our family.”    - Stephanie, course participant