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It seems there is a new blog on the web every half-second, and most disappear just as quickly, but here’s one that I sincerely hope will be around a very long time: is a new “group blog” in the “J-Blogosphere” that launched on October 1. The blog is by- for- and about Jews-by-Choice (converts to Judaism), but should be of interest to all kinds of Jews—whether we are Jews-by-Choice or Jews-by-Chance—because it’s about digging deeper into the meaning of Judaism and the question “Why be Jewish?” It also tackles some more specific questions about “how observant?” and “where do I fit into this community?” The contributors are mostly young people and fairly new to Judaism, so they offer a fresh exploration of the issues.

And as a reminder while we’re on the subject, JOI maintains a listserve for women Jews-by-Choice called Empowering Ruth (as a complement to our educational program of the same name and for the same population). For more information about Empowering Ruth or to sign up for the listserve, please visit this webpage.

We’ve also initiated a listserve for men Jews-by-Choice called Shofar that is still in “beta” stage but you can sign up for it here.

We hope to help foster and expand the conversation for Jews-by-Choice as they continue to navigate their Jewish identity and the landscape of the organized Jewish community.

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