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We have been talking about the power of film festivals for several years. (We plot them as “Destination Jewish Culture” events on our Public Space Judaism graph, provided they are held in commercial venues and utilize outreach best practices). That is why I was pleased when the folks at Rutgers University who are sponsoring the Rutgers New Jersey Jewish Film Festival invited me to lead a discussion on the film “Out of Faith” (November 11 at 12:15 pm at the Regal Cinema on Rt 1 in North Brunswick, NJ — watch the trailer at that link).

It is a provocative film (one which we have blogged about before). And I don’t want to give away the story or its surprise ending. But if your family has struggled over an interfaith relationship in its midst, then don’t miss the film. More than that, don’t miss the conversation afterwards where we will share insights garnered from the experience of hundreds of families with whom we have worked at the Jewish Outreach Institute. To paraphrase a quote from David Sacks, the founding chairman of the Jewish Outreach Institute, “What do you say when your son or daughter brings home a potential mate who hails from a different religious background? You say, ‘welcome’ and continue your lives together as a family.”

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