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There’s an interesting article in the Summer 2005 edition of Lilith Magazine called “Still Jewish! Jewish Women in Interfaith Marriages” by Jeri Zeder, which you can see as a PDF file here. The article is about a fascinating doctoral study of intermarried Jewish women of all ages by Keren McGinity of Brown University. The study “is the first gendered history of intermarriage and the first historical, exclusive look at American Jewish women who intermarried during the Twentieth Century. McGinity interviewed 42 Boston-area women of Ashkenazi descent from Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox backgrounds, whose first, second, or third marriages were to non-Jewish men they married between 1938 and 2000; the oldest woman was 92 at the time of her interview.” The study found that, among other things, “intermarried Jewish women are defining for themselves what a Jewish family is—and those definitions, while they may not please some, feel authentically Jewish for the people who are creating them.”

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