Atlanta Synagogue Takes Big Steps to Welcome Intermarried Families

Rabbi Julie Schwartz recently sent a letter to her congregation, Temple Emanu-El, located in the Dunwoody section of Atlanta. This letter explains the philosophy behind the temple’s new approach called Tapestry: Weaving Together Families and Faiths. Rabbi Schwartz writes, “…the leadership of the congregation has adopted a strategy of outreach, inclusion, education and support for interfaith families as a central element of its role in the North Atlanta community.”

She goes on to explain the salient elements of Tapestry:

Specialized programs to help the non-Jewish family member to become more familiar with the Temple environment, ceremonies and content of religious education that their children may be receiving;

Targeted activities designed to introduce interfaith families with one another;

Support and discussion groups to help address issues that face interfaith families;

Co-sponsored events and activities with other clubs, committees, and organizations within Temple Emanu-El to help non-Jewish members and interfaith families become more completely engaged in the Temple Emanu-El community.

We applaud Rabbi Schwartz and Temple Emanu-El for taking an important step and sending out a message of inclusion to the community it serves.

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