Nice Words From a Friend

Jewish Outreach Institute is a “Featured Nonprofit” in this month’s edition of, and received some very kind words from New York State Senator Eric Schneiderman, who wrote:

The Jewish Outreach Institute promotes inclusiveness in the Jewish community towards interfaith couples, unaffiliated Jews and others. Of course it’s easy to achieve unity in a homogenous group where everyone agrees, but by modeling inclusiveness across traditional barriers the Jewish Outreach Institute provides an example for overcoming divisions based on ethnicity and religious identity that are all too prevalent in the world today.

Organizations like these inspire me to work harder to advance the values we share in my own work. They also give me renewed hope that a progressive movement rooted in these values can grow and reshape our state and our nation at this time when change is so sorely needed.

We thank and Senator Schneiderman for encouraging us in our work and for recognizing that there is indeed strength in diversity for our community.

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