Going to Bat for the Coming Majority

When discussing interfaith matters, we should not forget that in the 21st Century, the Jewish community benefits from the presence of a growing number of “ready-made” allies and supporters from other religious backgrounds.

The most recent op/ed by Rabbi Olitzky, published in the NJ Jewish News, speaks to this issue. Jewish communal institutions have spent time and money in the past reaching out to the non-Jewish population in an effort to increase tolerance and allow for more mutually beneficial interaction between the Jewish community and other segments of the population. JOI’s executive director goes on to point, out, however, that:

In an effort to find friends in the community to make their work easier, we are missing the proverbial answer that is right in front of us: all of the non-Jewish relatives of those who have intermarried. These relatives can seamlessly be incorporated into Jewish celebrations and life-cycle events, and we know we can count on them to support us.

We are all concerned about Jewish survival, and we all have ideas for preserving our culture and bolstering our society as a whole. It is comforting to consider, though, as this article states, that recent phenomena such as the growing rate of intermarriage may actually enhance rather than diminish the strength of the Jewish community.

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