JOI’s President to Receive Distinguished Service Award

It is with great delight that we announce that JOI’s President, Terrence A. Elkes, will be honored with the Julian Y. Bernstein Distinguished Service Award by the Westchester Jewish Conference. Terry was nominated because of his leadership and commitment to the Jewish Outreach Institute where he has served as president for seven years and as a member of the board for several years prior to his election as president. With indefatigable spirit and support, he has guided the growth of the organization so that JOI is now the primary address for “everything outreach” in the North American Jewish Community.

Terry is the managing Director and co-owner of Apollo Partners, Ltd., which is involved in investing in media, communications, entertainment, cable and broadcasting companies. He was also recently honored by the University of Michigan for his generosity and dedication to the university’s Law School. Terry and his wife Ruth have three sons, and reside in Rye, New York.

Terry will receive the Julian Y. Bernstein Distinguished Service Award on Thursday, May 10th at 7:30 pm at the Westchester Jewish Conference Annual Meeting to be held at the Jewish Community Center of Harrison located at 130 Union Avenue in Harrison, NY. The JCC’s telephone number is 914-835-2850. Any questions, please contact JOI’s office manager, Ivana Bradanovic at or call her at (212) 760-1440.

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