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Over the last two days JOI has emailed out thousands of very special “virtual” Mothers Day cards to our friends and supporters throughout North America, in order to THANK the huge numbers of women of other religious backgrounds who are raising Jewish children. If you didn’t get the card, you can see it here. (And if you got more than one, sorry!) The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, which is tremendously encouraging to all of us at JOI.

Recognizing, thanking, and serving the unsung heroes of the Jewish community is the idea behind our Mothers Circle program, which sponsored the Mothers Day card and offers free resources, education and events for moms from other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children.

The Jewish media has taken an interest in the program, which is currently piloting in Atlanta. This week we saw two nice pieces: an article in the Atlanta Jewish Times and one from Sue Fishkoff at the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that was picked up by numerous papers, including the Baltimore Jewish Times, “Helping Non-Jews Raise Jewish Kids.” Ms. Fishkoff also wrote a related piece about the issue in general that includes a photo of some Mothers Circle participants.

We are thrilled about the excitement being generated by the pilot program and look forward to offering Mothers Circle programs in cities throughout North American in the very near future.

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