Mixed Blessings

If you’re near Northampton, Massachusetts, on March 24, be sure to attend a screening of the documentary “Mixed Blessings” by filmmaker Jennifer Kaplan, which follows the story of several interfaith couples making very different (and at times difficult) decisions for themselves and their families. The filmmaker will be in attendance to lead a post-screening conversation. I’ve seen the film and met Ms. Kaplan—and have also heard about the experience of other audiences after screenings—which is why I highly recommend the event and am sure it will provide a safe and welcoming environment for the exploration of the issues surrounding Jewish intermarriage.

The screening is co-sponsored by the local chapter of JOI’s Mothers Circle program. It is being shown at the Smith College Hillyer-Graham Auditorium (near the Art Museum) and begins at 7pm. For more information, visit the Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival website.

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