In the Mix: On the Radio This Weekend

As we’ve mentioned before in other blog entries (here and here, for instance) Julie Wiener writes a compelling if controversial column for Jewish Week called “In the Mix,” in which she deals with the topic of interfaith marriages. Her pieces generate a wide range of opinions; no matter which side of the intermarriage debate one falls on, Wiener’s articles touch on pertinent points and lead to some stimulating discussions.

The progressive Jewish radio show “Beyond The Pale,” has taken notice of the In the Mix series and will be interviewing Julie Wiener this Sunday, March 11, at 12 noon. Beyond the Pale airs every week at this time on WBAI 99.5 FM, bringing a liberal Jewish perspective to dialogues about religion, culture, and politics. If you miss the first airing, the show will be available on the station’s archive page for 90 days after the initial broadcast. The show’s hosts, Esther Kaplan and Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark, will start a conversation about readers reactions to In the Mix before delving into the topic of intermarriage in general.

In a 2006 column for Jewish Week entitled “Coming Out As Intermarried,” Julie Wiener asserted, “In many ways the situation of intermarrieds in the organized Jewish community is similar to that of gays and lesbians in society at large.” Recently, though, this issue is beginning to see the light of day, and a frank and open discussion on a radio show can only help to further facilitate progress toward a more inclusive Jewish community.

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