Passover on “The O.C.”

In the last decade there has been no lack of Jewish characters on television. Representations of Jewish practice, on the other hand, have been few and far between. A recent exception to this rule was seen on the popular Fox show “The O.C.”, a program that features an intermarried family that practices Judaism, in this case a Passover Seder. An excellent article in the Chicago Tribune — Finally, TV Jews who act Jewish — points out, “by embracing an intermarried couple, [series creator Josh] Schwartz is broadcasting what is a fact of life in the Jewish community…” and that the marriage on the show is “…very realistic: According to the latest National Jewish Population Survey, 47 percent of Jews who married between 1996 and 2001 married a non-Jewish partner.” Now that TV has embraced an intermarried couple who is Jewishly engaged we can only hope that the mainstream Jewish community will do the same.

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