New Way To Tell An Old Story

I recently got an email from a friend of JOI: Ellen Kushner, host and creative force behind the Sound and Spirit series on Public Radio International. She wrote to tell us about her recent live performance of the musical Purim show she created (with the help of a grant from JOI a few years back) called, “Esther: The Feast of Masks.” A local paper covered the show here. The performance was an interfaith event that partnered eight churches and a synagogue for the evening of fun yet thought-provoking entertainment.

Ellen was kind enough to write in her email, “I wanted to take this opportunity again to thank everyone at JOI for your support in creating and developing the show (which also ran on Sound & Spirit nationally in March).” Needless to say, we at JOI are thrilled that the program is still running, bringing a new view of the Purim holiday to both Jews and multi-religious audiences alike.

The entire “Esther: The Feast of Masks” show can be streamed over the Internet from the WGBH website, and of course we highly recommend it!

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