Hogan Knows Best About Keeping Kosher

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People are usually taught about kosher dietary laws in one of three ways: in a classroom, in the kitchen, or as they go about navigating the world of food. Could there be another way? What about letting the Hulk Hogan family teach you? It seems that Linda Hogan wanted to sell her homemade cookies in local stores—that is how many famous food companies started. Nothing unusual about that. But she chose Kosher World as her first outlet of choice. Needless to say, the proprietors weren’t able to accept her merchandise but they did teach her that kosher was way more than just tasty kosher pickles.

I wonder how many people—especially those on the periphery—gained new insights about the ins and outs of keeping kosher from the Hogan family. I also wonder how many people’s diets changed as a result. Perhaps there are ways to take advantages of such opportunities that we don’t even realize.

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