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The next JOI Conference will be held October 14-16, 2007 in Washington, DC. The title of the conference is: Transforming the Jewish Community: The Nuts and Bolts of a New Vision.

This is a hands-on conference. The big ideas become practical, manageable, and doable. Learn to get more people to do more Jewish activities more often though cutting edge outreach techniques, in order to engage more of the unaffiliated in your community, including unengaged intermarried families and their children.

We are currently forming an advisory committee for the conference. We will be inviting people directly (volunteer leaders and Jewish communal professionals), but should you like to participate on the committee, please contact Rabbi Olitzky at For those who have previously attended our conferences or local training programs, there will be advanced-level sessions. For those who have not been exposed to any of JOI’s theories and methods, Outreach 101 will be an integral part of the program. For pre-registration, please contact Denyse Gregoire, conference coordinator at

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