JOI Welcomes Three New Members to the Board of Directors

JOI is excited to announce three new members of its board of directors. Laura Kinyon of Avon, CT; Henry Salmon of New Brunswick, NJ; and Rabbi Abigail Treu of New York, NY will work closely with Executive Director Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky and the rest of the board of directors to promote JOI, help guide its development, oversee its management, and ensure that it has the resources, professional leadership, and policies needed to fulfill its mission.

Meet the new Board of Directors members here:

Laura R. Kinyon: a licensed clinical social worker residing in Avon, CT, and a facilitator of The Mothers Circle and Grandparents Circle programs in Hartford for eight years.
Henry Salmon: has received many awards for his service to his local New Jersey community, and is past president of the Solomon Schechter Day School of Raritan, NJ.
Rabbi Abigail Treu: a Rabbinic Fellow for the Jewish Theological Seminary and is the incoming National Director of the Torah Fund and Philanthropic Planning.

We are delighted to have these three leaders of the North American Jewish community as part of the board, and look forward to their continuing participation in the future of our organization.

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