JOI Featured in ISJL Newsletter

JOI’s strategic partnership with the Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL) has thus far been an exciting one. This week alone, we held a training session for ISJL Fellows and staff members (focused on welcoming in interfaith families, and what we can learn from their experiences), and led a webinar on how to celebrate the High Holidays with your children if you weren’t raised Jewish for those in the ISJL service area for moms of other religious backgrounds. (We will be offering several more free webinars for non-Jewish mothers in the South who are in an interfaith relationship. If you live in the South, or know someone who does, please contact Andrea at for more information.)

This week, ISJL released its monthly educational newsletter, which highlighted our work together. Employing the theme of “Big Tent Judaism,” JOI staff members and ISJL Fellows worked together to present compelling stories about intermarried families, multi-racial families, Jews with special needs, and the less-engaged, especially those in the wide-spread small Jewish communities of the southern United States. In addition to spotlighting a Mothers Circle in Greensboro, NC, the newsletter provides southern Jewish educators with the tools to reach the less-engaged and develop a sensitivity to the many faces of the Jewish community in the South.

We look forward to our continued partnership with ISJL. JOI will continue working with ISJL fellows to reach those in small southern Jewish communities with our programs, and conducting free webinars (on-line seminars) for mothers of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children, and for grandparents whose adult children have intermarried.

To read the ISJL e-newsletter, please click here.

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