JOI Welcomes Two New Staff Members

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Over the past month, JOI has welcomed two new staff members, and we are excited to introduce them to you as they help JOI open the tent of the Jewish community. Each new staff member who joins JOI brings with them unique experiences that help to broaden our ability to connect with all those who wish to enter the tent of Jewish life.

Zohar Rotem, Program Officer for Evaluation
Zohar is JOI’s Program Officer for Evaluation. He is responsible for coordinating and leading JOI’s research and evaluation initiatives. His other passions include hiking, urban gardening, biking, foraging, and cooking. Read his full bio here.

Menachem Edjelman, Database Manager
Menachem is JOI’s Database Manager, and manages all of the data at JOI. He also enjoys soccer, swimming, nature, math, smoked salmon, and music theory. Read his full bio here.

We look forward to working with Menachem and Zohar, and officially welcome them to the JOI family!

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