Big Tent Judaism Initiative Comes to Hartford, CT Thanks to the Jewish Community Foundation

This week, JOI staff will be in the Greater Hartford, CT area consulting with over 30 Jewish organizations, made possible by the Jewish Community Foundation’s New Initiative Grants Program. Over the next three days, Executive Director Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky, Associate Executive Director Paul Golin, and Senior Director of Training Eva Stern will visit with staff from local Jewish organizations, including area synagogues and community centers to help them affect positive change in the Greater Hartford Jewish community by ensuring that their institutions are open and welcoming.

The first step will be a presentation this evening, Tuesday, June 11th at the Mandell JCC at 6:30 PM. JOI staff will be presenting a community outreach scan on how welcoming and inclusive Greater Hartford Jewish community organizations are. The next step will be individual consultations with each organization over the next few days, and continuing work in the months to come.

The Big Tent Judaism Initiative, a program of the Jewish Outreach Institute, takes its lead from the values and vision of our Biblical forbearers Abraham and Sarah’s tent, which was open on four sides to welcome all who approach. Individuals and organizations that practice a Big Tent Judaism seek to engage, support and advocate for all those who would cast their lot with the Jewish people, regardless of prior knowledge or background. For more information on Big Tent Judaism, and to join the coalition of over 500 organizations, click here.

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