Happy Purim!

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Purim begins tonight. It’s one of those Jewish holidays that falls into the category: “they tried to kill us, we won…let’s eat!” For this holiday it’s “let’s eat and drink,” because Purim is the only day of the year when getting drunk is rabbinically sanctioned. (Please Purim responsibly.)

If you or someone you know has never stepped foot inside a synagogue, Purim is a great introduction. People are there primarily to have fun, rather than for solemn prayers or High Holiday repentance. Most synagogue Purim celebrations are child-focused, but if you live in one of the major Jewish cities there’s a growing number of options for genuine grown-up entertainment. In the Bay Area, our friend Dawn Kepler at Building Jewish Bridges just sent her email list a huge number of options. And here in New York there’s also a wide variety of events, including a fundraiser for Hazon, the Jewish environmental group and a former JOI grantee: “The Shushan Channel” promises to tell the story of Purim by spoofing modern-day TV shows, and was written by staff writers from (and will star Rob Corddry of) “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

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