Calling Ushers, Greeters, Phone-Answerers, Ticket Collectors, and More!

With Labor Day upon us, those of us in the Jewish communal world are heavily focused on the fast approaching High Holiday season! We recognize that this time of year marks the annual peak in Jewish communal participation, and we are here to help synagogues maximize the impact of their High Holiday encounters! At the Jewish Outreach Institute, we believe that “the front-line is the bottom line,” and that each encounter a potential newcomer to Jewish life has with our institution can help shape his or her future Jewish connections. As such, it is critical that each moment is maximized to promote future engagement and positive connections!

The Jewish Outreach Institute is thrilled to offer an interactive webinar to help Jewish communal professionals and volunteer leaders prepare your synagogue front lines for effective outreach during the High Holidays. Together we will identify opportunities to welcome in newcomers, as well as engage occasional synagogue-goers, and involve active members in reaching out to those on the periphery. We will discuss…

• How to engage newcomers and members beyond two or three days a year
• Making every interaction relevant and welcoming
• Empowering volunteers to act as ambassadors for your community
• Last minute tips for marketing
… And much more!

So spread the word! Encourage your front-line staff and volunteers to take this webinar! We welcome all those involved in High Holiday programming and planning, including volunteer leaders, ushers, ticket-collectors, and other volunteer positions - along with the professionals or volunteers who coordinate and/or oversee them. Share your challenges and successes around outreach during the High Holidays, so we can make the most of the High Holiday season!

Making the Most of the High Holidays -
A webinar for High Holiday volunteers and synagogue front-line staff

TO REGISTER: Click here

COST: $10 per person


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