Out of Faith

A three-generation saga is a popular formula for fiction as well as film. So it is not surprising to see it in the new feature-length documentary Out of Faith. The film asks the question: how does an interfaith marriage impact upon three successive generations within the same family? After members of one generation are rejected by their Holocaust survivor relatives for “marrying out” and “finishing Hitler’s job (the film is replete with a visit to Auschwitz),” the next generation tries a different response when another family member intermarries.

Love seems to conquer more than hate. Out of Faith looks like a moving, poignant film ripe with real questions about Jewish essentialism and existentialism. While it can simply serve as an evening of “entertainment,” it offers viewers a lot to talk about in informal as well as formal contexts, such as the synagogue classroom and sanctuary.

The film is being screened in various locations: Laemmle’s Sunset 5 in West Hollywood, California at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 12, 2006; at the Washington Jewish Film Festival in November; and for film industry personnel at the Angelika in the New York City at 11:30 am on September 21.

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