Thanking Women of Other Backgrounds Raising Jewish Children

As December draws near, intermarried families in the Jewish community often find themselves at the center of attention. The perennial questions about celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas abound in both private conversations and in public discourse. But a recent article in the Huffington Post about The Mothers Circe, our program for women of other backgrounds raising Jewish children, shows us that despite numerous challenges, many non-Jewish women are navigating their way through the holiday season and helping to prepare their family’s Hanukkah celebrations.

Though we always appreciate everything these women do to help raise Jewish children, the article seems especially relevant on the eve of Thanksgiving. It gives us another opportunity to thank all of the women of other religious backgrounds who have joined the orbit of the Jewish community. Let us all take a moment to recognize their heroic efforts in leading Jewish families, their dedication to embracing Jewish traditions, and their role in helping us secure a vibrant Jewish future.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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