Showcasing the Delicious Diversity of the Jewish Community

Are you a mother of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children? Do you make a brisket that your spouse/partner secretly prefers to his mother’s, or have children that expect sopapillas (fried pastry) for Hanukah instead of sufganiot (jelly donuts)? If you’ve got a recipe that makes your friends holler for your challah, please share it with us! We are putting together a cookbook to showcase the culinary contributions of intermarried families to the larger Jewish community. We want to create a recipe resource for families with similar backgrounds and raise funds to support The Mothers Circle and other meaningful Jewish Outreach Institute programs.

Click the link below to learn how you can help!

First, please send us your recipes to include in the cookbook and help us spread the word! We are looking for recipes:

  • You’ve adapted from your background to fit your Jewish family;
  • Jewish recipes that you’ve made your own, including recipes for Shabbat, Jewish holidays and lifecycle events that are appetizers, salads and soups, main courses, side dishes and desserts.

Second, spread the word about sponsoring a message in the cookbook. Anyone can sponsor a message expressing support, respect, thanks and love for women of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children. For example, your spouse/partner, your father-in-law, or a friend from Temple could sponsor a dedication for you. Supporters of The Mothers Circle are also welcome to sponsor a general message in honor of the program. You do not need to have a sponsor in order to submit a recipe.

This cookbook will be by and for the entire Mothers Circle community, including mothers of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children who are not currently on this listserve or taking The Mothers Circle course. If you know someone who might like to participate, forward this message to her, too! When the book is finished, an electronic version of the cookbook will be available for everyone to access for free online, and beautiful printed copies will be sent to those whose recipes are used. Click Here to see a mock-up of pages to get a better sense of how the cookbook will look.

For more information about The Mothers Circle cookbook, to submit a recipe, or to learn more about sponsoring a dedication, please visit The Mothers Circle Cookbook website. If you have any questions, please contact Liz Marcovitz at or 212.760.1440.

We look forward to hearing from you and tasting your delicious recipes!

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