New Book about Raising Jewish Children

We are thrilled to announce the availability of a new book by JOI executive director Rabbi Kerry Olitzky and associate executive director Paul Golin titled “How to Raise Jewish Children Even When You’re Not Jewish Yourself.” The book, published by Torah Aura Productions, helps to “open up the code of Jewish living” for the non-Jewish spouse in an intermarriage. Through detailed explanations of holidays and customs, Rabbi Olitzky and Golin offer a roadmap for intermarried couples who want to create a vibrant Jewish home.

Rabbi Olitzky and Golin are well versed in the challenges many intermarried families face when trying to make connections to Jewish life. With over twenty years of combined experience working with intermarried families, they are able to translate the language of Jewish life and lower barriers for all those seeking to raise a Jewish child. We invite you to order your copy today and share this book with anyone you think could benefit from its message.

Written in the spirit of welcoming and inclusion, “How to Raise Jewish Children” is the perfect supplement for any intermarried family looking for an introduction to Jewish life and culture. Enjoy!

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