Weblog, an online resource devoted to issues relating to Jewish conversion, has recently undergone a major upgrade. The new website now incorporates some of today’s best elements of social networking, education and community blogging in a way that easily allows users to share experiences and talk about what it’s like to be a Jew-by-choice.

The website, operated by Avi Montigny, is a wonderful resource for anyone who has either converted, is in the process, or is thinking about conversion. But it’s not limited to Jews-by-choice. The website is a great place to discuss any issues related to Jewish identity in general. Along with creating a space for Jews-by-Choice to explore Judaism, the website also aims to reach all interested parties by providing “a venue where individuals can explore Judaism as an ‘Evolving Religious Civilization’; one with its own unique: culture, history, law, language, literature, music, poetry, art, politics, folkways, ethics, spiritual ideals, and aesthetic values.”

Much like our Shofar listserve and Empowering Ruth program (for male and female Jews-by-choice, respectively), Avi understands that becoming a member of the Jewish community doesn’t end with a dip in the mikvah (ritual bath). Learning the “what’s” and why’s” of Judaism is only step one. Learning the “how to’s” – such as spiritually preparing for Shabbat – is a much more involved process that even Jews-by-birth spend a lifetime pondering. is a place where everyone, regardless of background or level of affiliation, can come together and share their thoughts.

We encourage you to visit the site and explore its resources. By promoting a myriad of idea and beliefs regarding what it means to be Jewish, the site is an example of what an open and inclusive Jewish community can look like.

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