New Passover Resources for Grandparents of Interfaith Grandchildren

We have added exciting new resources to the Passover section of the Grandparents Circle website. The goal of Grandparents Circle is to provide Jewish grandparents whose adult children have intermarried with tools they can use to help nurture – and in some cases establish – the Jewish identity of their grandchildren. This new section of the website provides specific tools that grandparents can use to connect their grandchildren to Passover.

The Passover resources are grouped in four main sections: Host a Seder, Tell the Story, Fun Food Ideas, and Arts and Crafts Projects. Each section offers advice for implementing a specific activity while also addressing issues that grandparents with grandchildren from intermarried/interpartnered homes might need to pay particular attention to. In the Tell the Story section, for example, grandparents can read about different activities they can use to engage pre-school and high school age grandchildren in the story of Exodus. The section includes activities based around the five senses, Passover themes, and discussing family’s traditions.

Please check out our website and take advantage of these free resources. If you know of any grandparents who might benefit from the content, please send them to

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