Speculating on a Jewish Wedding

Rumors continue to swirl regarding the upcoming nuptials of Chelsea Clinton and her fiancé Marc Mezvinsky. When they announced their engagement last year, they said they wanted a summer wedding. But what kind of wedding will this be? Clinton is a Methodist and Mezvinsky is Jewish. As an article in the Associated Press recently asked, “Is a Jewish wedding ahead for Chelsea Clinton?”

Currently, no one other than Clinton and Mezvinsky (and possibly their families) seem to know the answer. Will they have a Jewish wedding? Will she convert? But a lack of knowledge hasn’t stopped the speculation. People look for clues (Clinton went with Mezvinsky to a Yom Kippur service at the Jewish Theological Seminary last year), and they look to history (Ivanka Trump converted before she married Jared Kushner).

Of course, we would be thrilled if they had a Jewish wedding. Such a high profile interfaith wedding would certainly bring the subject of intermarriage much further in the mainstream. In doing so, it might even help some families who struggle with intermarriage begin their own conversations.

Like everyone else, we must wait and see what they choose to do. But no matter what, the fact is Clinton will soon have a deep and lasting connection to the Jewish community. We must respond appropriately, throw open our doors, and say, “Welcome.”

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