Getting Ready for Passover in the Matzah Aisle

Earlier this week, we hosted the first part of a FREE, two-part webinar series on Passover in the Matzah Aisle, our Public Space Judaism program that brings a taste of Passover to grocery stores and supermarkets across the United States. Passover in the Matzah Aisle is a strategy for identifying individuals – intermarried and/or unaffiliated – and making a connection for them with the Jewish community. It is an entry point for engaging them with more Jewish activities and programs, and encouraging their increased participation in Jewish life. The webinar series offers the tools to help make that happen.

For those who weren’t able to join us for part one, that doesn’t mean you have missed your opportunity to implement the program! There is still time to join the growing number of communities that are learning how to turn an introduction to Passover that people “stumble over” into a lifetime of engagement. To receive access to a recorded version of the last webinar free of charge, please contact JOI Director of Training Eva Stern at She will also provide details on how to register for part two, which will take place on March 4.

And be in touch with us to learn how to register for a new webinar series in which we will offer a comprehensive online training seminar for outreach.

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