Celebrating the Non-Traditional

Those members of the Jewish community who feel they don’t fit into traditional molds – LGBT Jews, children of intermarriage, mixed heritage Jews, etc… – have a new place to turn for encouragement and empowerment:

Written “by and for individuals engaging with Judaism in non-traditional ways,” the blog offers a wide variety of perspectives on just what it means to be a part of the Jewish community. They call the blog “FiftyPercenters” because fifty percent is the statistic most often used when talking about intermarriage. So they have co-opted that number and used it to create “a space for Jewish, non-Jewish, and ambiguous members of non-traditional Jewish families to speak candidly about their personal experiences of Judaism.”

The blog also serves as a great low barrier entry point for individuals or families who find themselves on the periphery of the Jewish community. Hearing from others who share similar backgrounds or experiences will undoubtedly help encourage unaffiliated Jews to reconsider their level of engagement. These are the steps we need to be taking in order to secure a more welcoming and vibrant Jewish future.

We welcome these new voices to the growing chorus of Jewish diversity, and we are excited to keep reading their personal and inspirational messages of inclusion.

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