JOI Holland?

There are those who believe that JOI should branch out to other countries, especially since they are facing interfaith marriage rates at numbers equal to or surpassing those found in the American Jewish community.

In a recent article from the European Jewish Press, we learn that, “Like Jewish communities elsewhere, the 30,000-strong Dutch Jewry is assimilating at a fast pace with an intermarriage rate of around 50 percent.”

While we are currently doing some pioneering work in Ottawa and have done some work in Montreal, we are still trying to focus on a group of target cities in the United States. We have also received requests from communities in Europe and elsewhere interested in our Mothers Circle program for non-Jewish women raising Jewish children. While it is too early in JOI’s history to establish branches in other countries, we would welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with Jewish communities outside of the United States and Canada.

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