New Group for Children of Intermarriage

Do you live on the west coast and are an adult child, grandchild, or descendent of an intermarried couple? If so, and if you are looking for a venue to socialize and share experiences regarding identity, culture, food, parenting, books, spiritual and secular practices, fun stuff, and what’s unique about being “half-Jewish,” there is a new place to turn.

Through the website, Sara Davies has initiated a group to provide a social and networking space for “half-Jewish” folks of all backgrounds to share their experiences. Simply called “Seattle Half-Jewish Meetup,” it’s the first group of its kind on the west coast. Davies wants to take advantage of the opportunity to attract and engage the growing population of children of intermarriage.

If you live in the area and identify as “half-Jewish,” you can visit the group online to learn more and find out how to get involved. We think the more options for those interested in exploring their Jewish heritage the better, especially when they are as low barrier as Davies Meetup group.

Adult children of intermarriage – a group we call the “coming majority” – often face challenges to their status as Jews because of their background, especially in issues of matrilineal versus patrilineal descent. Instead of questioning their credentials, we need to provide them with more opportunities to explore and deepen their Jewish connections. If they are the future, let’s make sure we’re meeting their needs and giving them the proper support. Hopefully Davies’ group and other additional local points of entry will attract these folks and let them know they are a welcome part of the worldwide Jewish community.

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