Mothers Circle Wins Award

Raising a Jewish family in the context of intermarriage is one of the most challenging roads to navigate. The pressure from family, friends, and the community makes an already daunting task just that much harder. But through our Mothers Circle program, an education and support program for women of other religious backgrounds who are raising Jewish children, we have given women in communities across the nation the tools they need to create and maintain a Jewish home.

And others seem to have taken notice of the program’s success. JOI was excited to learn that the Mothers Circle of Greater Indianapolis has been selected by the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis to receive its “Domont Award for the Enhancement of Jewish Life”! The award will be presented at the Federation’s 104th Annual Meeting on Wednesday, June 10th at 7:00 pm in the Laikin Auditorium at the JCC.

Congratulations to Circle facilitator Patti Freeman Dorson and all of the people who worked together to bring the program to Indianapolis! This is a great honor, and we are proud of the accomplishments of not only the Mothers Circle of Greater Indianapolis, but every circle nationwide. All of the participants deserve our thanks for raising a Jewish family and inspiring the Jewish community.

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