Twelve Jewish Steps

The Jewish Outreach Institute would like to congratulate our Executive Director Rabbi Kerry Olitzky on the second edition of his book “Twelve Jewish Steps to Recovery: A Personal Guide to Turning from Alcoholism & Other Addictions,” published by and available from Co-authored with Dr. Stuart Copans, the second edition (due in stores August 2009) is a revised, updated and expanded version of a book that has over 25,000 copies in print.

Much like the work we do at JOI reaching out to intermarried families and unaffiliated Jews, the book serves a population that the community often rarely discusses - or even acts like are not even there. The goal for both the book and JOI is to provide practical ways to address real world concerns and serve the needs of those who may not feel the Jewish community is there for them.

Whether it’s helping someone regain control of their life from a crippling addiction or creating a more inclusive Jewish community for those on the periphery, we know from the innumerable folks we have worked with over the years that the best approach for both is an understanding and openness about the issues.

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