New Jewish Sitcom

There has never been a shortage of Jewish characters on television sitcoms over the years, but what was the last Jewish sitcom? The Dick Van Dyke Show, written by Carl Reiner, was originally going to be about a Jewish family and workplace. Seinfeld was Jewish, but that’s not what the show was about. The short-lived comedy The War at Home had an intermarried family, but the topic rarely came up. The list goes on.

In the UK, television producer Matt Lucas would like to change that. According to The Telegraph, Lucas, who was co-creator of the wildly popular English sketch comedy show Little Britain, wants to create a Jewish sitcom. He says:

I want it to address many of the contemporary issues that affect British Jews such as intermarriage and a decline in observance.

Sounds like pretty heavy material for a comedy, but sometimes the best comedy comes from serious situations (look at M*A*S*H or All in the Family). Hopefully the project is a success because the themes he mentions speak to Jews around the world. It would be great to see the issues most important to our community reach a wider audience and spur more conversations about what it means to be Jewish in the world today.

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