Are you a Jewish Professional with a spouse or partner of another religious background?

All too often, intermarried Jewish professionals face overt prejudice, an unacknowledged glass ceiling, and couched criticisms that make them self-conscious in their capacity as Jewish role models for children, young adults and seniors alike. Others see their experience as an asset as they relate to diverse groups.

The Jewish Outreach Institute is launching an email discussion forum for intermarried/inter-partnered Jewish communal professionals who wish to discuss the workplace dynamics of being in an interfaith relationship. JOI is acknowledging their unique struggles enriching the Jewish community amidst judgment and inequity by creating an online discussion forum exclusively for intermarried Jewish professionals.

By providing a platform for intermarried Jewish professionals to share their experiences and find support in one another, it is JOI’s hope that awareness about this issue will grow and professionals will feel at ease identifying as intermarried in the workplace.

This listserve will provide a place for them to discuss their experiences, find solidarity, support and seek or provide advice.

We invite you to join the conversation! If your spouse or partner is of another religious background and you identify as a Jewish professional, email Rachel Gross.

Hundreds are already participating in other JOI listserves that support those in the context of intermarriage. JOI’s longest running forum, The Mothers Circle supports over 400 women of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children. Mothers discuss their diverse but shared experiences relating to in-law relationships, teaching children about Jewish holidays and maintaining their own heritage. Many express that the listserve community has empowered them as they raise Jewish children and provided them with concrete tools to do so.

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