Outreach to the Intermarried: WHY BOTHER?

On Wednesday evening, February 22, at the JCC in Manhattan, JOI’s associate executive director Paul Golin will participate in a panel discussion called “Mixed Marriage, Mixed Message,” presented by the JCC in conjunction with the New York Jewish Week newspaper. The discussion will be moderated by the Jewish Week’s editor and publisher, Gary Rosenblatt.

At the heart of the conversation will be questions about whether and how the Jewish community should reach out to intermarried families. If this is an issue you care passionately about, we encourage you to attend. It’s free, you just have to RSVP (click on the image for more information).

Paul’s co-panelists are renowned social psychologist Bethamie Horowitz, who we previously blogged about here, and Dr. Steven Bayme, a founding member of the “Jewish In-Marriage Initiative,” who we previously blogged about here and here.

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