Twisted Will

Not long ago, some in the Jewish community were calling for a return of the “taboo” against intermarriage. Their thinking went something like this: if parents (and rabbis, and communal leaders) spoke more about how much they want our young people to marry other Jews, the intermarriage rate would go down. Well, one clever—and wealthy—dentist in Chicago went a step further by adding a financial incentive to encourage his offspring to only marry other Jews. According to the Chicago Tribune:

Can a monetary prize be used to bind a family to its ancestral faith? …In his will, Feinberg expressed his wish to disinherit any descendant “who married outside the Jewish faith.”

Unfortunately for the late Max Feinberg, in this case it appears that money is as equally ineffective as social taboos in conquering love. The family of the late dentist is currently embroiled in some very ugly—yet legally interesting—litigation, to the point where his daughter is trying to have her own children declared legally deceased in order to collect their money! The punch line? “Of the couple’s five grandchildren, four married gentiles.”

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