Congratulations to Todd and Karen Blue

“Outreach and interfaith work comes naturally to us because it is who we are.” Karen Blue, Louisville Jewish Community Federation honoree.

We were pleased to read in Community, the Jewish newspaper of Louisville, Kentucky, that JOI board member Todd Blue and his wife Karen will be honored by the Jewish Community Federation of Louisville with the Lewis W. Cole Memorial Young Leadership Award. Both Karen and Todd, who made a presentation at our last JOI conference, have dedicated themselves to helping create an atmosphere of inclusion in the Louisville area, and the recognition is much deserved.

Todd and Karen co-chair the Jewish Community Outreach Taskforce, where they make sure that any events planned in the Jewish community are welcoming to interfaith families, the unaffiliated, and any other Jews on the periphery. Through their leadership, they are responsible for bringing JOI and our Mothers Circle program to the Louisville community, as well as the PJ Library, a project of The Harold Grinspoon Foundation. This PJ Library is “a new program that will mail Jewish books to preschool age children,” according to the article.

Todd added that the award “brings further awareness to the interfaith and unaffiliated, and allows for expanded opportunities for the Jewish community at large.” Todd and Karen have made tremendous progress in opening the doors of the Jewish community in Louisville, and as they continue their work to help the Jewish population grow spiritually and numerically, we are excited to help them along the way.

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