What is an Outreach Boot CampSM

Imagine putting together a group of 50 people to work together over a 24-hour period to create a comprehensive plan for a Jewish community to reach those on its periphery. Imagine this group working with “big ideas” that they have created, shaped and refined using the lens of outreach and the field’s best practices as developed by the staff of the Jewish Outreach Institute. Imagine this as the culmination of a year-long process of salon conversations with some of the Jewish community’s most prominent thought leaders and a visioning process for the community to determine its priorities.

That is the formula for an Outreach Boot CampSM. Over the next few days, my colleagues and I will be leading a series of intensive discussions with members of the Northern New Jersey Jewish community, giving them an opportunity to provide feedback to thought leaders and Jewish communal professionals on the challenges facing the organized Jewish community.

The event, sponsored by the Russell Berrie Foundation in cooperation with the UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey, will hopefully lead to not just a broader discussion about inclusiveness, but also solutions on how to help navigate the future of the Northern New Jersey Jewish community, one in which we believe diversity is the key to its continuity and future.

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