Is It Time to Celebrate?

We learned that the Beckhams of Soccer and Spice fame have
made the decision
to send their child to a Jewish preschool in Los Angeles.

Some people might say, “So what does that mean?” Well, if we believe that Jewish preschools are an important first step toward developing and nurturing a Jewish identity, then the Beckham’s decision will indeed grow our community. Others see the benefits of Jewish preschool as well. Is that not why the Jewish Federation in Chicago has initiated its Right Start program? Is that not why philanthropist Michael Steinhardt has been pushing for the funding of Jewish preschools in much the same way he has been the incipient force behind Birthright Israel?

And if young Beckham and parents are to remain in the orbit of the Jewish community, then it is up to the school—and the local Jewish community—to do all they can do to make them feel welcome. Then we can all decide if Jewish preschool was an important decision for this interfaith family and for every other interfaith family in the Jewish community.

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