Kind of Funny, Kind of Sad

Perhaps as a response to the alarming merging of Christmas and Hanukkah we’ve recently seen with the mainstreaming of non-holidays like “Christmukah,” there’s a clever new website called While its humor is hit-or-miss, we enjoyed reading its raison d’etre:

In a well-meaning but misguided attempt to be “inclusive”, Christian society has cast Chanukah in the role of the “Jewish Christmas”. To liberate our ancient holiday from this false role, we introduce a new holiday, the true Jewish Christmas, Jewsmas. Now leave Chanukah the hell alone!

Perhaps that could have been worded more gently, but some of the alternative celebrations they offer for this “new holiday”—to be celebrated seperately from both Christmas and Hanukkah—are quite humorous. I especially enjoyed the token-gesture “Refusal of the Ham.”

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