Rosner’s Domain

On top of my usual JOI responsibilities this week, I’m also fielding questions about intermarriage and outreach as a guest of journalist Shmuel Rosner over at “Rosner’s Domain” on the Haaretz newspaper website. It’s posted in reverse chronological order, so it begins toward the bottom.

So far I’ve already answered questions on rabbinic Officiation, the Christmas tree, and “downsides” to the intermarriage trend. Here is an example:

“Intermarriage pushes the American Jewish community to confront the big questions: what does it mean to be Jewish? How do we express our Judaism? Who is a Jew? It’s good to grapple with tough questions; that’s what Jews do. We will have a stronger community if we can provide compelling answers to those big questions.”

If there’s something you would like to discuss further that doesn’t come up in the Rosner conversation, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. I look forward to hearing from you.

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