Weblog Entries for 2012

The Mothers Circle Reaches Poland

As The Mothers Circle continues to provide education and support to women of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children across North America, we are excited to announce that our reach has extended even further!

Kit Haspel is a veteran Mothers Circle facilitator in Rhode Island, where she will soon begin her fifth circle. Kit recently traveled to Poland on behalf of the Jewish Alliance of Rhode Island to facilitate a workshop at Limmud Keshet, a conference of Jewish learning. The Jewish community in Poland was decimated after the Holocaust and by the influence of communism, and continues to feel many of those effects even today. However, as she reports in this article in the Jewish Voice & Herald, Jewish life has begun to reemerge in the past 15 or so years. The Limmud Poland conference presented a unique opportunity to support this renewal in Jewish engagement, particularly amongst young Polish adults who were born into a free society and are seeking to learn more about their Jewish heritage.

Kit based much of her presentation, “Embracing Jewish Ritual,” on The Mothers Circle curriculum. With many Polish attendees only recently finding out they are Jewish (or only recently feeling free to express their Judaism), she focused much of the learning on starting small, as she incorporated topics like Shabbat and tzedakah (righteous giving). She hopes that participants not only learned more about Jewish life, but about how to transmit that enthusiasm to others.

We are truly honored that our curriculum could be a part of such an important educational opportunity for Jewish life abroad. I have felt Kit’s passion for Jewish learning since I first spoke with her, and we are so fortunate to have such a fantastic ambassador for The Mothers Circle!

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