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Sushi Simcha

The simcha in question is that of JOI’s Associate Executive Director Paul Golin, who wrote about his own marriage ceremony in an article entitled “My Jewpanese Wedding.” Published last week on InterfaithFamily’s website, the piece discusses the additional issues faced by intermarriages that also qualify as “intercultural,” and strategies for making sure such ceremonies run smoothly. Paul’s wedding included a ketubah in English, Hebrew, and Japanese, and he talks about the ways he and his wife were able to bridge potential cultural divides and hold a traditional Jewish wedding that also allowed his in-laws (who come from Japan) to feel included. While life-cycle events and ceremonies can bring up a host of issues when a couple is intermarried, this article could provide some insights for ways to handle many of the challenges that arise.

Click below to take a look at the multi-lingual wedding program and ketubah.

Posted by Adam Schneider | June 26, 2007 |

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