Thank You to the Fathers of Other Religious Backgrounds Raising Jewish Children!

Fathers of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children are unsung heroes in the Jewish community. Thank you for sharing with your children what is meaningful and exciting in Judaism and the Jewish tradition and culture.

In appreciation for all that you do, Big Tent Judaism offers resources that you might find helpful in anticipating questions about Judaism your children may ask you. Click here to download our resource to help think about your approach.

In addition, Big Tent Judaism/Jewish Outreach Institute has created Answering Your Jewish Children, an in-person program designed to supply fathers of other religious backgrounds whose spouses/partners are Jewish with practical information and guidance to help raise Jewish children. Each session presents key questions and a variety of approaches to answer tem. Session topics include: the "big" questions that children ask about life, death and God; holidays and rituals; and Jewish values and ethics.

Please contact Sarah Sechan at or 212-760-1440 for more information about how to bring this FREE, three-session program to your community.

Answering Your Jewish Children is a program of Big Tent Judaism/Jewish Outreach Institute. The Answering Your Jewish Children curriculum has been developed through a Berrie Innovation Grant from the Berrie Fellows Leadership Program, an education and leadership program funded by the Russell Berrie Foundation.