The future of the North American Jewish community will be determined by the warmth, wisdom and caring with which we welcome and engage intermarried families and unaffiliated Jews into our midst. 


The Jewish Outreach Institute honors Jewish values by promoting a more welcoming and inclusive North American Jewish community that embraces intermarried families and unengaged Jews, and encourages their increased participation in Jewish life.


1. To persuade the North American Jewish community that welcoming intermarried families strengthens Jewish life and enriches the community.

2. To leverage JOI’s work by promoting a new methodology for outreach among Jewish communal professionals and lay leaders, focusing on bringing the Jewish community out to where people are.

3. To encourage Jewish life among the intermarried and unengaged.

4. To make the Jewish community more accessible through low barrier entry points to Jewish engagement.

5. To provide guidance and support for intermarried families.

6. To become the central address for innovative outreach programming.

7. To create a discipline of outreach through the training, education, and networking of inclusive Jewish communal professionals and lay leaders.

8. To improve outreach programs and methodology.

9. To identify, conduct, and bring to the communal agenda research on important statistics, data, and sociological issues pertaining to intermarriage and disaffiliation.