Who are we?

The Jewish Outreach Institute (JOI) is an independent, national, trans-denominational organization reaching out to unaffiliated and intermarried families, and helping the organized Jewish community better welcome them in.

Since 1987, JOI has created innovative programs (see below), conducted groundbreaking research, and served as a national training institution for Jewish communal professionals and volunteer leaders.

We have travelled from Maine to Miami, Vancouver to Van Nuys, and many communities in between to share our vision of a more meaningful, accessible, and inclusive Jewish community. JOI’s advocacy efforts include books, op-eds in both the Jewish and secular press, and public presentations and training seminars.

We invite you to find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and read our Daily Blog to stay up to date on efforts toward creating a more welcoming and inclusive North American Jewish community, particularly for intermarried families. And feel free to contact us if we can help you find an entryway into the community, or help your Jewish community better engage all those who would participate.

For more information, please contact Amanda Kaletsky, JOI's Communications Manager at AKaletsky[at]JOI.org


What we do:

Public Space Judaism
JOI’s signature outreach methodology which focuses on bringing Judaism to where people are – grocery stores, malls, and other public arenas – rather than waiting for them to come to us.

The Mothers Circle
Free resources, education and events for women of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children.
The Grandparents Circle
A program for Jewish grandparents to nurture, and in some cases establish, the Jewish identity of their interfaith grandchildren.

Empowering Ruth
A free program that supports women Jews-by-choice through a virtual email community and an education course.

The Jewish Outreach Professional Log-In Network brings together Jewish professionals from across denominational and institutional lines to improve the way the entire North American Jewish community reaches out to those on the periphery.
Big Tent Judaism
A national coalition of Jewish organizations that have pledged to engage, support and advocate for all those who would cast their lot with the Jewish people, regardless of prior knowledge or background.
JOI's online community to help identify gaps in Jewish communal programs and figure out how to better serve men who have recently chosen Judaism.

Intermarried Jewish Communal Professionals Network
An online discussion board for intermarried Jewish communal professionals and adult children of intermarriage who work in the organized Jewish community.
Answering Your Jewish Children
A free program to supply fathers of other religious backgrounds whose spouses/partners are Jewish with practical information and guidance to help them raise Jewish children.
How Should I Know?
A free Program for Jewish Men with Spouses/Partners of Other Religious Backgrounds.